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Top 4 Reasons Why Small Restaurants Need to Have SEO

07 Feb
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If you own a small restaurant, you may think that you do not need search engine optimization (SEO). Contrary to what you might think, everyone in the business world now needs to have an internet presence, even if it were small. There are many reasons why businesses engage in SEO campaigns. For small restaurants, there are 4 essential reasons.

More Cost-Effective Marketing

While it may be true that you do not require marketing, a simple Facebook page can truly leverage your restaurant’s reputation in your neighborhood as well as the surrounding communities. And if there are visitors to your neighborhood in search of the perfect chow, they will not go around asking locals for the best eats in town. They will most likely be using their smartphones to zero-in on their location. If your restaurant doesn’t have an internet presence, do you think it will be discovered by these new potential diners? The point is that search engine optimization is a very practical way of marketing your business.

Customer Engagement

Loyal patrons as well as potential customers prefer to communicate across digital platforms. If they do come to your restaurant, they will not have time to talk with you. You will also not have time to talk with them because you will be busy managing or running the whole restaurant. Engaging them in a digital environment can provide for a wonderful experience for your customers, making them want to come back for more.

Brand Reputation

And when customers have an excellent experience both in your restaurant and on your digital restaurant, this increases your brand image, your brand reputation. Many of your customers have their own network of friends on various social networking sites and platforms. Now imagine if you have 5 loyal customers who each get 5 of their circle of friends to try out your menu, now you can see the power of SEO activities and digital marketing.

Increased Bottom Line

A fully localized and optimized restaurant website will do well in driving customers right to your restaurant doorsteps. Engaging both loyal and potential customers in a friendly chat or feedback session over the digital environment further enhances the appeal of your restaurant. Putting all of these together will only lead to the generation of increased income. All businesses strive to attain the bottom line.

Search engine optimization works, even in small restaurants. It is all a matter of understanding what it takes to rank highly on Google and Bing as well as other search engines in the world.

Kevin Fairbanks

Kevin Fairbanks is the managing partner at PinkTie Technology Group located in Syracuse, NY where he builds everything from responsive websites to mobile applications. In his spare-time he is either spending it with his family or tinkering with electronics.